Aquileia Film Festival 2019

23-24-25-26 luglio 2019, Piazza Captiolo, Aquileia ore 21.00
Aquileia Film festival: al via il 23 luglio la decima edizione Quattro serate di cinema,...

Open Day

Aquileia, 22nd September 2018
Thanks to the collaboration among Fondazione Aquileia, the General Direction of Archaeology, Fine...

Aquileia Film Festival

24th-25th-26th-27th July, Piazza Capitolo, Aquileia, 9 pm
Aquileia Film Festival 2018 International festival of archaeological films Films, Conversations,...

Portraits of Palmyra in Aquileia

Aquileia, 2nd July - 3rd October 2017
Several wars and natural disasters have destroyed, sometimes wiped out, the architectural and...

Made in Roma and Aquileia

Aquileia, 12th February - 30th June 2017
The exhibition “Made in Roma and Aquileia” will be staged in Palazzo Meizlik in Aquileia from...

The Bardo Museum in Aquileia

Aquileia, 6th December 2015 - 28th February 2016
From December 6th to January 31st 2016, the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia will host...