A fairly suggestive and absolutely peculiar site: the notions of “museum” and “archaeological site” are ideally combined here. The current edifice is only the last of a long process of reconstructions carried out over 15 centuries on the site of an ancient early Christian basilica. The original complex, erected outside the city walls, later became a Benedictine convent and endured several subsequent alterations, until it eventually changed destination of use.

The building has been turned into a museum since 1961. Beside the vestiges of the early Christian basilica with its multicoloured mosaic floors brought to light during archaeological excavations, the museum accommodates wonderful mosaics from the early Christian basilica of Fondo Tullio in the area named Beligna, as well as some other mosaics from Aquileia and a massive collection of Christian inscriptions found in the territory of Aquileia.

Source: National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia

Go to the web page dedicated to the Early Christian Museum:  https://museoarcheologicoaquileia.beniculturali.it/il-museo-paleocristiano/#page-content