The cross-border OPENMUSEUMS project involved the main Italian and Slovenian museums of the Northern Adriatic area. Fondazione Aquileia joined with Aquileia as open-air museum.

10 didactic workshops were organized for teachers and students at all levels of education, by using tablets for geo-referenced interactive guiding. The tablets, which were bought with the project’s funding resources, were uploaded with 3-D reconstructions of the archaeological areas of Aquileia, also developed thanks to Openmuseums funds. The new technologies enable to present archaeology with an unusual innovative approach and support the teachers’ reporting skills. Also, two performances combining music, literature and archaeology were organized with the collaboration of the National Archaeological Museum.

Provincia di Ferrara – leading partner, Museo d’Arte della Citta – Comune di Ravenna, Provincia di Rovigo, Provincia di Venezia, Musei Provinciali di Gorizia, Comune di Udine- Civici Musei e Gallerie di storia ed arte, Comune di Lubiana, Museo del mare “Sergej Mašera”, Museo regionale di Capodistria, Museo di Caporetto

May 2011 - February 2015

Transnational cooperation Programme Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013