Fondazione Aquileia was rated among 70 best practices selected in all Europe in the framework of the initiative “Culture for Cities and Regions” sponsored by the Europa Creativa Programme 2014-2020, one out of three in Italy, alongside Bologna and Turin.

The project is aimed at taking stock of the practices currently used throughout Europe to promote knowledge transfer. The purpose is to get a better understanding of the examples of successful cultural investment and cultural planning. This way, culture will become a key issue in local development strategies.

The scope of the project is not to limit action to study visits (coaching follow-up was provided to the cities and administrations that joined the project), but to reach an increasing number of participants by spreading information to a wider extent (development of online catalogue, website, newsletter, use of social media).

Three issues will be the object of analysis during the project:

· culture and creative entrepreneurship for local economic growth and urban regeneration

· cultural heritage as the drive for economic growth and social inclusion

· culture for social inclusion, social innovation and cross-cultural exchange

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