Thanks to the new technologies applied to research on the remains still visible in the archaeological sites and to the analysis of the objects held in the museums related to individual buildings, as well as to the compared studies of other better preserved archaeological sites (especially, but not limited to, Rome and Pompeii), we are able today to fill a gap and offer a fairly suggestive image of the urban outlook of ancient Aquileia, based on the scientific information we have on some of its main edifices.

All reconstructions can also be browsed on the App Antica Aquileia 3D, available for free on both IOS and Android.

The app contains 10 films, the result of a work in collaboration with a team of archaeologists, representing the symbolic sites of Roman Aquileia (forum, river port, markets, house of Titus Macer, house in Fondo Cal, necropolis, amphitheatre, Republican walls, courthouse, circus) with scientific accuracy, as well as interactive explorations of all archaeological sites, fact sheets and 60 static virtual reconstructions.

The virtual reconstructions were produced with funds granted under Law n. 77 dated 20th February 2006 “Special measures for the protection and usage of the Italian sites of cultural, landscape and environmental value listed as “World Heritage Sites” and protected by UNESCO" and with the sponsorship of the Project Openmuseums, financed in the framework of the Italy-Slovenia Cross-country Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.


Cooperazione Transfrontaliera Italia-Slovenia

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