The final event of "Romea Strata" project, open to public, is set on Thursday 20th December at 6 p.m. , in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Aquileia.

The project is aimed at preserving and enhancing the cross-border area once crossed by the way of faith called Romea Strata. A common strategy is developed to promote the historic, religious and cultural heritage of Italy and Austria, by involving the local communities.

Following the cessation of the Province of Udine, Fondazione Aquileia has taken over its role of partner in the project to care for the promotion of the religious itinerary in the sites of Aquileia and Zuglio. The project is the first step to the establishment of a European association for Romea Strata, whose purpose is the acknowledgement of the way of faith as a certified itinerary by the Council of Europe.


Presentation of the Romea Strata video project, director Marco D'Agostini

Presentation of the study on the Life o St. Martin, edit by Luca Villa

Presentation of the project activities

Tasting of Aquileia wines and foods