Fondazione Aquileia was awarded the Premio Europa Nostra in 2015 – in the section of heritage conservation – for the enhancement project by architects Tortelli Frassoni of the early-Christian mosaics of the basilica complex of Aquileia, because “this project enabled to protect the mosaics of the hall to the south of the Baptistery erected between the late 4th and the early 5th centuries BC, so that they are now accessible to the public while protected against any further deterioration. The approach and style are accurately harmonious with the surrounding environment: the external structure was built with traditional materials, while powder paint finish was used inside, so as to alter the space and cause the visitors to concentrate on the mosaics only. Moreover, the protection of the mosaics was guaranteed by the use of cutting-edge technology and supervised by leading experts”.

The explanation for the prize award was as follows: "The Jury was particularly satisfied with the approach to the issue of combining the need to protect and conveniently screen open-air archaeological remains. A new rectangular block was built with the stones found scattered on the site, offering the visitors the look of a continuous wall. Only one window looks onto the narrow alley along the basilica to offer a glimpse of the interiors. This intervention may be considered as a remarkable solution for a problem that has been faced in several different ways and with varying success all over Europe to date.”​