The aim of the project is to promote the internationalization of the workers in the cultural sector (archaeologists, 3D designers, journalists), and especially in the field of diffusion of knowledge and audience development. This is a new priority for the Programme CULTURA and for the European Commission, which aim at extending the type of audience who visit cultural heritage sites and to conquer – with the help of new forms of participation, including 3D renderings, the social media and guided tours for young people and physically and mentally disabled people, who are often less prone or excluded from the standard offer of tours to archaeological sites. In particular, “Archeopenday” is addressed to the young: two days will be devoted to the issues of training and work offered by the cultural sector; on the other hand, the persons with physical or mental handicap will be devoted a cycle of guided tours specially conceived to help them enjoy the visit to archaeological sites. Also, the action includes the realization of new 3D renderings and the organization of a specialist press tour along the old Roman road leading from Italy to the Black Sea, with a view to promoting the understanding and diffusion of the archaeological sites involved in the project.


Fondazione Aquileia (leading partner), Ljubljana City Museum, Archaeological Institute of Serbia, Institute for the promotion of cultural heritage of Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia)


September 2015- August 2017


Creative Europe Programme 2014-2020 - UNDERPROGRAMME CULTURE